Kool Energy 1kW 12V – Mobile Load Shedding Kit is used to manage home energy consumption in areas where load shedding occurs. Kool Energy 1kW 12V inverter UPS is perfect for home, office, and small business use. This is a plug-and-play appliance that converts your existing power to run your sensitive electronics such as computers, laptops, and gaming consoles. The Kool Energy 1kW inverter and Kool energy UPS include an LCD display with a keypad that has buttons to control the power on/off functionality as well as an electronic auto-restart after a blackout. Applications. Informal settlements. Portable charging station. Small 12V appliances. Camping. Product Features. Excellent performance thanks to intelligent Double CPU power technology. A wide range of loads is available due to the pure sine wave AC output. The power mode / energy-saving mode/battery mode can be set to be versatile. Practical, comfortable 5VDC-USB output port and 12VDC output port. Digital LCD and LEDs for visualizing the equipment’s operating status. Overcharge protection and over-discharge protection for longer battery life. Safe and reliable with intelligent exhaust fan control. Inverter. Rated power(W): 1000W. Input voltage range: (VAC)160-275VAC. Input frequency Hz): 45Hz-65Hz. Voltage(VAC): 110VAC/220VAC. Output frequency(Hz): 50Hz/60Hz. Output Wave: Pure Sine Wave. Specification of built-in battery: 1*100AH/12V. Communication: RS232. Solar input. Max. PV voltage(VDC): ≤25. Range of charging voltage(VDC): 10-25. Controller rated charge current(A) PWM: 30A. Voltage for overcharge protection(VDC): 14.2V. Voltage for overcharge recovery(VDC): 14.0V. Pv Solar input power range: 160W/180W two pcs in parallel.