PV Product Performance Rated Power 455W Rated Power per Cell 3.15W Efficiency 20.93% Power Tolerance -/+3% Temperature Coefficient PMax: -0.36 Voc: -0.29 Resiliency Snow Wind Hail Fire Power (measured in watts) and efficiency (how well panels convert sunlight to electricity) are some of the most common metrics used to compare solar panel products. While they are not the only means of comparison, they are important determinants in how much electricity you can produce with a solar panel system. Metrics like power tolerance and temperature coefficient are also important ways to analyze the potential performance of solar panels under the different conditions they will experience over their lifetime. Learn how panels from different manufacturers stack up against one another in our updated article about the best solar panels on the market. ... Read more 2.5% 0.5% Output at End of Warranty Term 84.3% Materials Warranty Term 12 years Solar panels generally come with an output warranty covering the energy production of the panel, and a materials warranty protecting you against undue wear and tear on your equipment. Learn more about solar panel warranties. ... Read more Solar Panel Aesthetics Cell Colors Black Frame Colors Silver Backsheet Colors White Solar panels typically have black or blue cells, white, silver, or black backsheets, and silver or black frames. Bifacial solar panels are one exception to these rules, as they have transparent backsheets. Physical Characteristics Cell Type Monocrystalline Cell Size 94x189 mm Panel Dimensions 2094 mm L 1038 mm W 30 mm D Cell Count 144 Connector Type MC4-compatible