Reliable, safe, durable, and easy to install. High energy density, more energy with less weight, and footprint. High charge currents. (Short charge period) High discharge currents. Long battery life, up to 3 times the battery life of a conventional battery Nominal Capacity: 5.12kWh. Depth of Charge: 90%. Usable Capacity: 4.6kWh. Cycle Life: ≥5000 @25 Cº. Charge Voltage: 57.6V. Discharge Voltage: 48V. Nominal Voltage: 51.2V. Max Parallel Quantity: 16Pcs. Charge/Discharge Current (A): Recommend 50 (0.5C) Max 100 (1C). Communication Port: RS485 & CAN. Weight: 43Kg. Dimensions (W*H*D) : 442*133*420mm. Certificate: TUV(IEC 62619)/CE-EMC/UN38.3. Compatible Inverters: Growatt, Goodwe, Victron, Deye, Sofar, Luxpower and more brands to be announced